How to Create a Corporate Identity

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The corporate identity is your business’ face in the market. The corporate identity creates an impression of the company without a single descriptive term. It is what comes to mind for a customer when they hear the name of your company. The creation of such an identity is important business and not to be handled lightly. A great corporate identity can boost a business from the ground to the stratosphere.

A great logo serves as the foundation of your corporate identity. It is the image that represents your company without necessarily displaying the name or product. A quality logo gives the customer the feeling that the business is reliable and worthy of their patronage. The logo is found on every conceivable material used inside the business office and for outgoing mails and advertisements. It is also found on company websites and promotional materials.

The corporate identity can go further than a simple logo. When a tagline or a character is added, the simple image and phrase becomes iconic. This symbol of your company will be reproduced on all stationery and will be the first thing the recipient notices upon viewing. A great logo and tagline on a business card becomes a promotional tool. The matching letterhead, envelopes and mailing labels complete the physical set up for the corporate identity.

The company website is another important step in creating a corporate identity. Often when looking for a particular item, people will go straight to the internet for information and for locating a company that has the products and services they seek. Your corporate identity will be among the first things noticed when customers visit your website so they should be legible in various computer programs and at varying sizes

There are plenty of corporate identity software programs available online and in stores. If you are computer savvy, have creative ability and some knowledge of design elements you can try your hand at creating your own corporate identity. Many businesses enlist the assistance of a professional design company that specializes in corporate identity creation. These designers can take you from concept to completion in a short period of time for varying costs. The benefit to the business is substantial and the headache if having to complete a corporate identity on your own is eliminated.